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If you want to attain God,then don't run away from the world!

If you want to attain God, then don't run away from the world. God never has any relation with fugitives.   Courage is needed to accept the challenge. Agreed that in courage one has to fall, one has to get hurt, but that is the only way. You ever see, most of the children from very comfortable homes are not intelligent. because there is no challenge. Intelligent children come from homes where there is a lot of struggle. If there is a lot of protection and there  is no struggle, then the spine is broken. The more you struggle, the stronger your spine becomes. I do not ask you to run away from the world, but to wake up from the world.

If you have faith in yourself, then no task seems impossible, nor does anyone's comment affect it!!

If you have faith in yourself,then no task seems impossible,nor does anyone's comment affect it. So instill in yourself the belief that you are always ready to learn something new at any stage of life. You can fulfill your responsibility without any sarcasm, but keep in mind that confidence does not turn into pride. I know it all or i can not do any mistake, like emotions stop progress. On the contrary, think that I am ready to learn and I know that mistakes can happen while learning, for which I take full responsibility. Such expressions are a sign of confidence and understanding. But, if there is some hesitation in your mind,then start with small steps. Like sharing your problem with someone close and experienced or making small changes in your working habits. This way the hesitation will go away. Your performance will keep getting better.

#change yourself, life will definitely change!!

We all try to do better in every area of life. Trying to get good marks in student life, trying to perform better in job and taking care of everyone at family level are all our efforts for betterment.but sometimes it seems that the amount of effort we put in is not getting the results. As many successful people as there have been in the world, they have never given up on their desire to learn during their endeavours. To gain proficiency in a task,it is necessary to become a student and learn the nuances of that task.

Know the purpose of their life!!

We get entangled in the hustle and bustle of life. Our mind is completely removed from the question that what have we come to do on this earth? What is our purpose? This happens because in the midst of all the hustle and bustle, only those tasks seem important, which are visible in front. What is the purpose of our life,why have we come to this earth, are we born for a specific purpose? which comes in the mind of every human being at some point or the other, but one thing which everyone has accepted in common is that the purpose of our earth is to love each other. Love is the invisible bond that binds man to man. That's why many relationship become very close even though there is no blood. Love is paramount in those relationships of ours. But,it is not necessary that we always keep looking for the meaning of our purpose of life. He just keeps on living a purposeless and destinationaless life. So we have to understand our purpose.

Not everyone gets perfect is there something are available,some don't!!

Not everyone gets perfect where. Life is there.. some things are available, some don't. We are not thankful for what we got. But those who do not get it, they often cry their sorrow and blame someone else. The life you are living, the way you are living it is made by you. Making it worse or better is hundred percent in your hands. By blaming others, you lose your own bet. After this also have nothing to do, not even to be happy.