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How to control the good and bad thoughts and emotions going on in the mind?

How to control the good and bad thoughts and emotions going on in the mind?  Emotions arise from thinking, but emotions are deeper and more effective than thoughts and resolutions. To keep the mind happy and life successful, always having good feelings and good wishes towards everyone is the best management of emotions. In practical terms, no matter what feelings someone has, we should behave with good intentions towards him. His behavior or conversation should not influence , rather we should behave with him in such a way that our good conduct becomes effective on him. It is possible that his behavior may change,  because positive energy is more powerful than negativity. If we are disturbed by the unfair behavior of others and misbehave with them, then understand that our positive power has been defeated. 

You are the tree🌳🌳 of life!!

You are the tree of life. Your roots🌱, leaves🍂 and branches are everywhere. It is not necessary for your love to be accepted by someone. You are everywhere. Your love comes back to you. The diversity seen among people is at the superficial level. All are one in essence. Everyone is you. You are all. Love is God's law.                                                                 We live so that we can learn to love. And we love so that we can learn to live. There can be no greater lesson than this for humans.