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It is natural for the mind to be restless!

It is natural for the mind to be restless. It is definitely difficult to change it, but not impossible.  Empowering yourself for the future involves proactive decision, goal-oriented actions and the right attitude.  When you have control over your senses, instead of becoming directionless, you move forward towards your goal.  Purpose and self-actualization in life can be the foundation of lasting happiness and well-being.  You don't need to work hard, but should work with concentration.  People who work hard will sometimes become successful, but they can not experience its happiness. 

Learn to bow down if you want to find love!!

The stream of love flows in every heartbeat 💓, anyone can drink it. But there is an obstacle in blowing down. Where the name of blowing came up, there something inside puts you in trouble. We are afraid to bow down, because we have been taught from the very beginning that it is a sign of cowardice. But we forget that nothing is achieved without blowing down. This is the mark of your being full. If you want to get more love from God in life, then you have to leave  your arrogance and learn to bow down. In ordinary life, when the ability to love comes, then only the ability  to disappear also comes.