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It is natural for the mind to be restless!

It is natural for the mind to be restless. It is definitely difficult to change it, but not impossible.  Empowering yourself for the future involves proactive decision, goal-oriented actions and the right attitude.  When you have control over your senses, instead of becoming directionless, you move forward towards your goal.  Purpose and self-actualization in life can be the foundation of lasting happiness and well-being.  You don't need to work hard, but should work with concentration.  People who work hard will sometimes become successful, but they can not experience its happiness. 

The ups and downs of life are not easily understood!

The ups and downs of life are not easily understood.  Sometimes the more we try to understand, the more we get confused. We keep running aimlessly and time keeps passing by. Obviously we don't like this kind of life very much. But the question is that life begins to seem so meaningless. Many times life goes through such ups and downs that we can not control. But there are some things which are in our hands.  These are the things on which working makes our life a little easier and comfortable.  We need to remember that we always have the power to take our life towards spontaneity.  How many times do we do something just to make others happy.  In life, it is also important to move forward on the path of your heart and your desires.  Listen to your inner voice, trust it. You feel yourself on the right path.