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Even closed doors open with love!❤️❤️

As long as we are in love ,we see beauty everywhere. As soon as we start getting smart, we start losing beauty. We teach people not to love, but to beware of it. Whereas this love is the key to open the closed doors of life, of meeting the devine. Every child is born with love, that's why every child seems lovely. But slowly something goes wrong somewhere. Every child looks cute. Every child is beautiful. Have you seen any ugly child? The beauty of a child does not seem to depend on its body, but on some inner potential. But as the child grows up, so will the love be lost. We help the love to be lost. We don't teach him to love, we teach him to be careful with love.

As a child, we jump with joy in small things!!

As a child, we jump with joy in small things. Life may seem difficult when we grow up, but our happy moments are as simple as that. A lot of our time and money is spent in search of happiness. It doesn't matter even if you get happiness by doing this. But the problem is that the more we run after happiness, the more we run after it. Expectations are the root of unhappiness,so perhaps instead of expecting anything to make us happy all the time,we need to prioritize only the things that make us happy - even if they seem like wasting others'time. Are only then can we visit our happy places more often and stay where we want.