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Life is like a book!!

Knowing our truth and accepting it is not our weakness. Always be ready to take responsibility for your words, your truth, even if others don't like those things. The good and bad in you are part of your own story. Living a life accepting of who you are can make you a hero to many people, In moments of  we feel that whatever happens next will be wrong. We are unable to see the situation getting better. Whereas life is like a book. Some of its pages are immersed in sadness and some are full of thrill. If we don't turn the pages, how will we know what's next? 

Expectations increase dissatisfaction !!

You must have often heard someone around you saying that such a person did not live up to their expectations or he is very disappointed with such a thing. There are some people who start expecting from themselves beyond their capabilities and then when they are not able to fulfill expectations then they start being unhappy with themselves. It means to say that the heavy burden of expectations snatches away the happiness of human beings. Whether those expectations are from someone else or from yourself. But when we set our expectations with reality in mind , disappointment is rarely encountered. In fact , the happiness that suddenly happens when something good happens,it doesn't meet the expected things, because on the occasion of sudden happiness, you would not have set your expectations. Don't expect impractical things from anyone.