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Life is like a book!!

Knowing our truth and accepting it is not our weakness. Always be ready to take responsibility for your words, your truth, even if others don't like those things. The good and bad in you are part of your own story. Living a life accepting of who you are can make you a hero to many people, In moments of  we feel that whatever happens next will be wrong. We are unable to see the situation getting better. Whereas life is like a book. Some of its pages are immersed in sadness and some are full of thrill. If we don't turn the pages, how will we know what's next? 

Seeing the achievements of people of our age, we feel that we are far behind!!

Seeing the achievements of people of our age,we feel that we are far behind.Till this age ,we could not achieve all that we wanted. Although it doesn't matter.we do not need someone else's stamp to understand our value or usefulness. It is said that we should live life to the fullest without worrying about age. No one's intelligence is known by numbers and one's intelligence is not known by age.