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If you want to attain God,then don't run away from the world!

If you want to attain God, then don't run away from the world. God never has any relation with fugitives.   Courage is needed to accept the challenge. Agreed that in courage one has to fall, one has to get hurt, but that is the only way. You ever see, most of the children from very comfortable homes are not intelligent. because there is no challenge. Intelligent children come from homes where there is a lot of struggle. If there is a lot of protection and there  is no struggle, then the spine is broken. The more you struggle, the stronger your spine becomes. I do not ask you to run away from the world, but to wake up from the world.

Bitter memories do not let us be happy!

Bitter memories do not let us be happy. The more bitterness for others with in us, the deeper the layers of sadness. The joys can be found even in small things,but we lose them only in getting irritated by others. To be happy is nothing better than good health and bad memory. If you want fun in life,then it is necessary to keep doing something new. When you thrust yourself,then there is fun in life. And when you are cool,then you do amazing things.