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The dream written with the date becomes a goal.when this goal is divided into small steps, it takes the form of a strategy and when you implement this strategy, dreams come true.

In the race to achieve new dream one after the other, most people forget to live those dreams.   The problem is not in dreaming big. The problem is to keep running after them and remain frustrated because of them.                     Because, the importance of even small dreams is not less. It is also important to live your dreams. We all have some big and small dreams, some of which are big.  but to turn these dreams into realityreality, one needs to be serious and also need to have a goal, a strategy and courage to implement that strategy. 

Time is limited. But energy is more limited than that. We should spend our energy on the right people and the right things!

Make your life like a heaven, in which only those people can enter, who can take care of each other. Can hear each other and stay connected to each other. You are not the only one responsible for saving others. It is not your job to explain to others every moment, at every step. It is true that you want people to like you, but not at the cost where you start neglecting yourself. You are the maker of your own destiny and you have as much right to be loved by others as you do to others. Lead yourself toward good relationships. Spend time with people who understand you, want to be with you.  You will see things changing very soon.