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It is natural for the mind to be restless!

It is natural for the mind to be restless. It is definitely difficult to change it, but not impossible.  Empowering yourself for the future involves proactive decision, goal-oriented actions and the right attitude.  When you have control over your senses, instead of becoming directionless, you move forward towards your goal.  Purpose and self-actualization in life can be the foundation of lasting happiness and well-being.  You don't need to work hard, but should work with concentration.  People who work hard will sometimes become successful, but they can not experience its happiness. 

#covid19 (Keep both mind and heart big when there are difficult times!!

We are all connected with a common sorrow at this time. Some have their own concerns, some have their own. Every house has a different story. Nobody's grief is small or false. But, what is left of what is left of? What is there after being grieved all the time,it can not be lost. There is a lot that is in our hands. Our sadness is one, happiness is also there. If the truth is true,our courage is also there. More than we think,we can help ourselves and others. Being courageous does not mean that there is no problem or that we start making fun of him. That we can not do anything. Just know what to do if something happens. There are many people who, despite the fear, are doing all possible help to others. Encourage the dead hearts.

We all have different attitudes towards life and we want to live our life is not necessary that everyone agrees with our viewpoint.when our thoughts are different from others,then trouble starts.

Every human has its own scale about right and wrong.but every person wants others to follow his liking. In the event of this not happening,we get distracted. But is it really possible that all should go according to us. Human nature is such that we see the evils of others quickly and we take away their goodness. But unlike this, mutual love and harmony will definitely increase. For example,it is better to focus on one's qualities than highlighting a person's shortcomings.