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If you lose yourself, what will you win?

The ability to live life the way you want, with the people you choose and in the circumstances you choose,  doing only the things that make you happy. when you decide on your definition of success in every area, you will immediately see what things you need to do more or less to make your life ideal.  Usually the biggest thing stopping you from moving forward in the direction of your dreams are you favorite excuses and lack of self-discipline. it's not that you don't know what to know this very well.  But what you should do, whether you feel like doing it or not, you don't do it because you don't have the discipline.  Success is possible only when you over come your natural tendency to choose the easy path.  Lasting success is only possible if you discipline yourself to work hard for a long time, because without self-discipline, hard work is directionless. 

it is important to set your own limits, but it is not right to imprison yourself in too many limits!

It is important to set your own limits,but it is not right to imprison yourself in too many limits. Avoiding always socializing with others or considering entertainment as a waste of time, alienates us from others and leads us to loneliness. Many things may be really unnecessary, but finding meaning in everything was not needed. it is better that we move from a calm mind to a balance.