Life is like a book!!

Knowing our truth and accepting it is not our weakness. Always be ready to take responsibility for your words, your truth, even if others don't like those things. The good and bad in you are part of your own story. Living a life accepting of who you are can make you a hero to many people, In moments of  we feel that whatever happens next will be wrong. We are unable to see the situation getting better. Whereas life is like a book. Some of its pages are immersed in sadness and some are full of thrill. If we don't turn the pages, how will we know what's next? 

#Do you fond of yourself!

Those who love themselves, accept themselves with their abilities and shortcomings. Just like a great friend Treat yourself in similar moments of despair, just as you do to make others impotent. As you know the shortcomings of a friend or a coworker, you encouraged him too, and likewise make a habit of encouraging yourself too.


  1. If we spoke to others in the disparaging way we speak to ourselves, we would not have a friend in this world. A wonderful reminder for everyone. Thank you :)

  2. This is such a sweet reminder.
    We all need to accept ourselves just the way we are.
    And encourage others too :')

  3. Just be yourself :) Dropping by here :)

  4. Is very important love and accept yourself, every day is a training for self love =D

  5. Oi,grata por sua visita. Seu blog é um espaço cheio de textos que ajudam a crescer.
    Até breve

  6. The eternal present is the flow without haste and without time ... (Tao teaching)
    "Tide that when moving seems to be asleep
    too full to make noise or foam "

  7. Se formos nós mesmos e humildes!
    Então, é só deixar fluir!
    Beijinhos viajantes!🌺💛🌺
    Megy Maia🌈

  8. Fabulous advice
    Great writing
    Love it

  9. Tus elucubraciones te hacen ser mas filósofo

    Saludos desde Amdalucia

  10. Self love is all about! 🥰❤️🌸

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